• Getting curious
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    I like to know stuff. When I was a kid, I’d check out 14 library books at a time. Now when someone asks a question, I want to Google the answer. Sometimes I want to know because I’m genuinely curious. Sometimes, I want to know because I’m scared. Scared that I should know, or that I need to know….

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  • What’s normal?
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    I had the chance to sub for a colleague the other day, and during this class period we’d be covering techniques to assess the movement of the shoulder girdle.  As I was preparing for class, I noticed that one of the student handouts seemed to have a mistake in it.  Two of the numbers –which are supposed to be what’s “normal” or…

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  • Escaping to Where
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    I’ve been on a Terry Pratchett reading (and listening) kick of late, after a client recommended the quirky, hilarious, and touching Wee Free Men to me. Sir Terry was a successful fantasy author, now passed away as of this March, and in one of his essays, articles, or speeches, he made the case for the…

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  • Spring Workshop Series: From Patterns to Possibilities
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    From Patterns to Possibilities Increase your aliveness, connectedness, and creativity! Excited?  Check out our flyer and join us for an amazing Spring Workshop Series. Curious?  Come to our Intro Session for a free sample of the series: Thursday, March 13, 7:30-9:30pm at The Float Shoppe, 1505 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210. For info and reservation, email…

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  • Summer Vegetable Curry Recipe
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    (adapted from 101cookbooks.com via sauvieislandorganics.com/blog) Clean out your fridge! Make use of your garden abundance! Find a way to incorporate odd veggies from a CSA share! All is possible with this tasty Summer Vegetable Curry recipe. My notes: I used the Cuisinart slicing disc to make short work of veggie prep 1/2 tsp salt seemed too…

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  • Easy Summer Recipes
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    Looking for tasty and easy summer recipes? From Jason Su’s blog Food, Love, Joy: Roasted Beets with Feta – perfect for those Farmer’s Market finds. Just two ingredients! Simple, easy, and amazingly delicious! Two easy and delicious dinners from Sauvie Island Organics (our Community Supported Agriculture of choice this season): Torpedo Onion & Potato Frittata –…

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