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foot massage - massage FAQ


It’s hard to find an available massage therapist, much less the right one for you! Here are some possibilities.

East Side of the Portland Metro Area

Kim Magraw, LMT – taught with me at East West College. I have received excellent massage sessions from him many times.
Bills some health insurance

Sarah Solano, LMT – works with Kim; an East West graduate. I enjoyed receiving massage from her.

West Side of the Portland Metro Area

Laurie Volm, LMT – former East West College student of mine and someone I’ve received massage from many times. She’s been in the healthcare field for decades.
Call or text: 503-313-9030
*Takes CHP/Kaiser

New client massage FAQ

Put your fears to rest before your first session. Do you have to get undressed? What if the pressure is too deep? Or not deep enough?

Pregnancy massage FAQ

Is massage safe during pregnancy? Will I be comfortable on the table? I know massage feels good, but does it actually make a difference?

You’ve got questions — we’ve got answers!