Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue doesn’t mean deeply painful, or only addressing the deepest muscle layers.  I think of deep tissue bodywork as specific work (vs. general).  I may spend time observing your posture to find patterns behind your pain. I may assess your range of motion to find the tissues that are most restricted or uncomfortable.  The techniques I like to use for specific work include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

Some people describe Thai massage as Asian deep tissue massage or lazy man’s yoga. These techniques release muscle tension, increase flexibility and mobility, and open up blocks in your energetic body. Traditional Thai massage is performed on a thick mat on the floor, and clients remain fully clothed. While I no longer offer mat sessions, I enjoy weaving in Thai style presses and stretches into my table sessions.

To help prepare your body for deeper or more specific work, I utilize the flowing strokes of Swedish massage.  Swedish massage may increase circulation to relieve painful tissues, help drain inflamed areas, and relax tense muscles.

Some bodies respond best to subtle work that has a deep impact. The craniosacral therapy training I’ve taken has improved my ability to offer subtle and gentle work, and to really listen to what the body is saying — which is essential for all levels of pressure.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, prenatal massage offers relief from physical discomforts such as sore hips, tense shoulders, swollen feet, and an achy low back.  With my wide array of pillows and bolsters to support the body, most clients feel more comfortable on the table than they do in their own beds.  Massage helps to decrease mom’s stress level and to prepare her body for childbirth—thus helping bring happier, healthier babies into the world.   After birth, moms benefit from postpartum massage as their bodies adjust to feeding and carrying a new baby.  I feel confident working with pregnant and postpartum women, thanks in part to my advanced prenatal massage training. Learn more on my pregnancy massage FAQ page.