I was working on a business assignment today and got stuck.  Kinda like this truck we saw on the side of the Forest Service road last weekend – spinning its wheels in a giant ditch, going nowhere.  It wasn’t on the gravel anymore, and it hadn’t made it to the campsite.

Normally when I get stuck, I tend to act like the truck.  Revving faster and harder, trying to think my way through to an idea or solution.

Today I remembered the idea of the Wonder Question (see this interview with the wonderful Gay Hendricks) and I paused before pressing the gas.  There are three pieces to a good wonder question:

  1. You don’t know the answer to this question
  2. You really want to know the answer
  3. Knowing the answer will change your life for the better

It also helps to start with a good “Hmmmm….”

So I said to myself, “Hmmm, I wonder…what is the mission of my massage business?”

I bounced around the room, wondering, and something came up.  Just bubbled up from within me, without any struggle.  “My mission is to cultivate a childlike ease, pleasure, and authenticity of movement in my clients.”  Yum!

Try wondering about something you’re struggling with — How can I feel less tension in my shoulders? How can I sit with less pain my hip? — and notice if your body has any ideas.

By the time we were driving home (6 hours and 4,000 feet later), the truck was back on the road.  Looks like a buddy came to help him out of the ditch.