Thai Massage!

Want to feel both re-energized and relaxed?
Both deeply massaged and thoroughly stretched?
Then it’s time to try Thai massage – aka “Asian Deep Tissue,” or “Lazy Man’s Yoga.”

Having studied level 1 Thai massage this term at East West, I am offering sessions to my clients for a special price  — $60 for 90 minutes, or $100 for 2 hours.  (Traditional sessions last 2-4 hours!)

Ready to schedule?  Want to know more?  Contact me by phone (503-880-7977) or email:

2 Self-Help Suggestions

Thai massage has made a dent in my lack of flexibility (tightest hamstrings west of the Rockies) and brought new range of motion to an injured hip.  Maintain your between-session progress with a little self-care:

Yoga: The Yogatic website offers great step-by-step videos of poses for all purposes (including hangovers!?).  And the instructor has a fun accent.
I recommend the “yoga for hamstrings” video:

Breathing: Deep, mindful breathing helps me relax as my Thai therapist moves me to my stretching edge.  Breathwork will bring your mind and body to a new level of relaxation anytime.  I like Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 exercise:

Want more tips like these? Please let me know. Your feedback and ideas will help me provide articles and resources specific to your needs.

News and Announcements

Later this month I will be attending the Professional-level training for Maya Abdominal Massage.  What does that mean?  I’ll be able to offer my clients all of the amazing work I now do on my own belly (regular self care).  MAM is great for digestive and reproductive health, so stay tuned!