Backstory: I met a lovely new birth coach yesterday, Theresa Smyth, who mentioned that her clients are spreading the word about her practice.

My inner critic said, “What’s wrong with my practice?  Why aren’t my clients sending me referrals?”

I landed on an unconscious commitment — to let my amazing resources go unused.  Gather dust.  In this case, my client list.  So later today, I’m going to send out a newsletter asking clients to send me referrals.  I have a referral bonus ($20 off your next session if a new client books), and I haven’t been making the most of it.

I began to wonder — who’s behind my unused resources habit?  I love to take classes, read books and articles, watch educational videos…and I don’t always incorporate this new knowledge into my practice or my life.  It becomes a static piece of my collection.  I have a Collector persona, and here is her story.

 Collector, what’s most important to you?

Collector: What's most important to you?

To gather as much as possible.  Keep it tidy and organized.






Collector, what are you most proud of?

Collector: What are you most proud of?I have DVDs and books and webinars and message boards and binders and pamphlets and handouts and all kinds of amazing stuff!





Collector, when did you make your first appearance?

Collector: When did you make your first appearance?Probably in the first or second grade.  When I got my first Lego set!  It was for my birthday, and Joel Groves gave it to me.  It was the beginning of my Lego collection.





Collector, who did you learn your style from?

Collector: Who did you learn your style from?Our wonderful Willow Crest Elementary librarian, Mrs. Dalagher.  What a great collection of books she had!






Collector, what are you most afraid of?

Collector: What are you most afraid of?What if all my collecting is useless?  Just a waste of money and space that just sits there, looking nice.  Something to dust or store or move.





Collector, what do you really want?

Collector: What do you really want?  I want to live and breathe this knowledge.  To use my collection.  To have it be part of me and to share it with others.






I think the “gem” of my Collector persona is to be a curious, questioning, life-long learner.  I wonder how I can let my questions guide me into a deeper understanding of my collections library.  How can I be playful and have fun while exploring my library?

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