Two Tips for Better Relationships, Part 2
I hope you’ve already incorporated the first two tips from October’s newsletter and you’re ready to take your massage game to the next level. Remember, by improving your hands-on skills, you set the example for your special someone.  The holiday season is just ramping up, so let’s do what we can to de-stress each other:

1. Use gravity

Rather than sitting side by side, position yourself so you can take advantage of gravity and your body weight

  • For a shoulder massage, stand up while your partner sits, or have her sit on the floor with you on the couch
  • For a foot rub, have your partner lie on his stomach, so you can lean into those aching soles vs. overworking your hands

2. Use your tools wisely

Don’t wear out your fingers and thumbs.  Try applying pressure with the heels of your hands, your knuckles, and your forearm.

  • Go slowly and you’ll develop a better sense of touch with these big, broad tools
  • Or let your hands work together, stacking one thumb on top of the other, or palm over palm
  • This is a dance, not a battle.  Put on some music and get your whole body moving as you massage.

Want more tips like these? Please let me know. Your feedback and ideas will help me provide articles and resources specific to your needs.

Procrastinator’s Holiday
Gift Guide
Are you a last-minute shopper?  Here are local (and global) ideas to get you going:

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Deep Tissue + Pregnancy = ?
As a long-time deep tissue specialist, I was skeptical when my midwife friend suggested I develop my pregnancy massage clientele.  Why would I want to set aside my myofascial and deep tissue techniques and do all that relaxation massage?    After much thought, I signed up for a 4-day advanced pregnancy massage certification, where I learned that pregnant women really benefit from deep tissue work.  Now that I have the training and confidence to safely share my skills, please spread the word to moms-to-be and their partners.  Remember that massage gift certificates make great holiday and baby shower gifts – a stress-free, pain-free mom is a gift to the whole family!Who do you know that could benefit from articles, tips, and advice on massage and wellness? Point your friends and family toward if they’d like to receive this newsletter.

Thank you for your business.  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sheila Resari, LMT