Improve Your Moves

I hope that the quality of massage you’ve been giving (and getting from) your significant other, friend, or family member has gone up since last issue’s tips.    Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know where to go or what to do next.  The same can be said out on the dance floor!  Here are two tips to improve your massage moves and your dance moves:

1. Direction Take the most basic dance footwork, like the step-touch.  (See step 7 in this emergency dancing guide.) Make the most of a single step by changing up your direction–forward and back, side to side.     The same can be said for a basic massage stroke, such as a smooth glide (aka effleurage).  Applied with lotion to a receiver’s back, the giver may 1) glide along the length of the spine and 2) back again. 3) Effleurage horizontally, across the body.  4) Use arcing strokes to create a tree, branching off on either side of the spine. One stroke, four new moves!  

2.  Excursion: the length of your move Put your boogie shoes through their paces with tiny, staccato step-touches, or go full stride with each step to cover the dance floor.   Mix up your effleurage excursions as well. Flow through a long, soothing stroke from head to low back.  Retrace your path with shorter “shingles,” alternating your hands.   Want more tips like these? Please let me know. Your feedback and ideas will help me provide articles and resources specific to your needs.   In related news, check out this article profiling the work of “Dr. Dance” and discover even more Secrets of Looking Good on the Dance Floor.

Only You Can Prevent Re-Gifting
Did any of your holiday gifts end up on the white elephant circuit?  I received a hilarious alarm clock with molded plastic sparrows and flowery trim, whereas my sister now owns a teakettle that looks like a giraffe.

With a variety of gift-giving holidays on the horizon–Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Day–why not give something that your recipients will actually want and use?   That’s right: a gift certificate for a session at True North Massage!

  • Cost: $60 for 60 minutes; $80 for 90 minutes
  • Newsletter subscribers only:  For every certificate you give, receive a coupon for 15 F*R*E*E minutes during your next 60 or 90-minute session!
  • Must be TNM newsletter subscriber to earn coupon(s)
  • Coupons good through June 30, 2010
  • See sidebar for available sessions, or call 503-880-7977

Weekend Appointments!
Can’t make it for a massage during your busy workweek? Beginning in February, True North Massage will now offer select weekend appointments!    Book your session between 10am and 6pm on the 1st Saturday of every month (excluding holidays).  Special bonus Saturday times–January 30th at 10am and 11:30am!

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Sheila Resari, LMT