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Massage & Life Coaching

In addition to my experience as a massage therapist, I also offer my coaching skills. I am a certified Conscious Living & Loving Coach with the Hendricks Institute, founded by self-development pioneers Gay & Katie Hendricks.  I’m also a graduate of their two-year intensive Leadership and Transformation program.  In the spring of 2014, I collaborated with two other amazing coaches, Caroline Resari and Deb Katz, to facilitate a Hendricks-flavored workshop series in Portland. This seven-session series, From Patterns to Possibilities, focused on fun exercises to bring our awareness to unconscious patterns and create new, conscious choices.

Life coaching and massage is a powerful combination

Photo courtesy of ABMP

Three key words from the Hendricks body of work are breathemove, and love.  These come into play very naturally with bodywork.  The expansion and relaxation of breathing helps facilitate change in the body. When I ask a client to imagine that they’re breathing into their hand or their leg as I massage there, it’s not just about imagination.  The connective tissue that wraps and separates all of our parts creates a physical link from the movement of our breath to the entire body!

Actively moving during massage helps you rewire your neural pathways. Bodywork can free up stuck tissues. It’s up to you to ingrate this new freedom of movement and create a habit that is useful and enjoyable.

Bringing your loving attention to an area that feels stuck or painful is an amazingly simple way to help it release.  So often we want to smash, crush, dig up, get rid of that uncomfortable thing — and that thing is a part of us, part of our body. Here is a quote from Job’s Body, by Deane Juhan:

“Touching hands are not like pharmaceuticals or scalpels. 
They are like flashlights in a darkened room. 
The medicine they administer is self-awareness. 
And for many of our painful conditions this is the aid that is most urgently needed.”

Body Discovery lets you explore how hands-on bodywork and conscious living life coaching can transform you and your body.  Learn more about life coaching.

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